10 Important Assisted Living FAQs

10 Important Assisted Living FAQs

Making the choice to move to an assisted living community is no small decision. Picking the right community can be life-changing – which is why it’s important to receive answers for any questions you may have in order to make a well-informed decision. Here are 10 of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to our assisted living community, specifically, along with our answers. If you don’t find what you need here, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’d love to chat with you or give you a tour so that you can see Gull Creek for yourself.

1. Is assisted living basically the same thing as living in a nursing home?

Not even close! Although assisted living communities and nursing homes may share some of the same important goals and values (such as providing on-site meals and offering various levels of high-quality care and assistance), assisted living aims to promote the residents’ independence and exists to be available to residents as needed. Generally speaking, assisted living is a more flexible living option that feels as comfortable as home.

2. What are the benefits of assisted living in a single sentence?

Assisted living aims to provide a safe, familial community where seniors are invited to live and thrive independently, while benefiting from increased health, social and recreational opportunities; with assistance on an as-needed or agreed-upon basis.

3. What services and/or amenities are included as part of the monthly rate?

The list of lifestyle offerings at Gull Creek is long, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • All-day dining – You are welcome to dine any time between 8:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. in our beautiful dining room, where we serve delicious meals and accommodate special diets.
  • Weekly housekeeping and laundry service – We’re happy to provide services to help you out with chores around your apartment, including laundry.
  • Scheduled transportation – Need to run to the store? Looking for a ride to church? Do you have a doctor’s appointment? No need to figure out how you’ll get there on your own – we can take you.
  • Monitored medication administration – Don’t worry about possibly forgetting to take your medications. We’re here to help ensure you stay on track and always take what you need on time.
  • Basic utilities – Enjoy using cable, electricity, heat/air-conditioning, trash and water without dealing with monthly bills.

See the full list of services and amenities here.

4. Do you offer any pay-as-you-go services or amenities?

We do! To further accommodate residents’ comfort and convenience, we offer a number of additional onsite services and amenities, including:

  • Personal attendant – Don’t want to travel on your own? Take someone with you to scheduled appointments.
  • Guest meals – Bring a friend or family member with you to the dining room!
  • Tray service – Have food delivered to your apartment. It’s the next best thing to getting breakfast in bed.
  • Beautician/barber – Now you don’t need to go far from home to take care of your hair needs!
  • See the full list of pay-as-you-go services and amenities here.

5. Do you have an activity program?

Yes! We are especially proud of our robust activity calendar and think you’ll enjoy it, too. The only activity we need to add to the schedule is mandatory nap times. Here are a few of our regularly scheduled activities.

  • Bingo
  • Beverages and bowling
  • Friday evening movie nights
  • Sing-alongs
  • News and discussion
  • Check out the monthly calendar of events here.

6. I enjoy spending time by myself. Is participating in activities mandatory?

Your participation in activities at Gull Creek – though warmly welcomed and encouraged – is ultimately your decision. That’s the beauty of assisted living. You maintain your freedom to decide your own schedule and do your own thing. Our goal is to create opportunities for you to meet new people and explore new and varied interests in a comfortable environment. We have zero desire to twist your arm into attending one of our barbecues. We’ll invite you, but we won’t intrude on your time or space.

7. May I bring my own furnishings?

Of course! We don’t simply want your apartment to feel like home – we want it to be home! We encourage non-structural changes that make it home. We have 3 spacious options available to you in which to set up house. Click on each of the following links to see the layout and learn more:

8. Is it possible to get tax deductions for living at Gull Creek?

You may qualify for deductions, including the cost of your housing and meals, per the IRS, depending on the nature and reason for moving into Gull Creek. For example, the IRS allows deductions if your move is the result of a chronic illness or an inability to live on your own. If your doctor certifies your inability to complete certain necessary, daily activities without assistance, you may be eligible for tax breaks on assisted living. A child who is paying for his or her parents to live at Gull Creek may also qualify for tax deductions as dependents. Talk to your physician and/or your accountant to learn the specifics. We understand your desire to make every penny stretch as far as possible.

9. Is it really safer to live in an assisted living community?

Safety is one of the most common reasons people choose to move into an assisted living community. Residents often claim to feel safer in an assisted living community than they did in previous years of living on their own. Not only are staff standing by to help with needs or emergencies, but fellow residents learn to look out for each other as friends and neighbors. Assisted living truly gives many residents (and their family members) the peace of mind that someone is looking out for their best interests, without encroaching on their freedom and independence. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

10. Can I visit before signing the dotted line?

Not only can you visit an assisted living community before moving in, but you should visit. Assisted living communities aren’t always what they appear online. Each community has its own personality that will best be understood with a personal visit. Take a list of questions and a trusted friend or family member and go check it out. Here at Gull Creek we welcome you to take a tour, enjoy a meal or two and participate in activities, before making any major decisions. Talk to the residents. Meet the staff. Make sure your next home is as warm and inviting as you want it to be.

Choosing an assisted living community is a big decision that requires much thought, consideration and research. You should feel comfortable and confident that the community you choose is the right long-term solution for you and those you love. We want to provide you whatever information you need to make the best, most informed decision possible. We would love to answer your questions or show you around. To learn more about Gull Creek Senior Living Community, contact us today.