10 Health Benefits of Peaches

10 Health Benefits of Peaches

Summer is here, and that can only mean one thing: peaches. Peach what? – peach everything. Nothing fuzzy about it. Here are 10 benefits of peaches, along with some important info on a pending peach event in which YOU will want to participate.

1. Peaches help maintain healthy (glowing!) skin

Because the fruit is packed with a healthy punch of vitamin C, it protects the skin from unhelpful ultraviolet radiation, and it delivers a defense against infection and harmful free radicals. For various reasons, (including the fact that the vitamin C in a peach is known to possess anti-aging properties) the cosmetic industry loves to use peaches in its products.

2. Peaches help combat anxiety.

Yep, you read that right. Peaches reduce anxiety. Not only are they delicious, they act as a stress reliever. Not a bad combination.

3. Peaches help maintain healthy eyesight.

Because the fruit is rich with beta-carotene, it combats eye disease and even blindness. Want to fight the effects of age-related macular degeneration? Eat a peach.

4. Peaches help cleanse the kidneys.

Crazy, but the peach is known to have a (healthy) diuretic effect. Meaning your kidneys and bladder are all the better for it. Note: Individuals suffering from gout and/or rheumatism are encouraged to eat peaches. They naturally flush the body of unwelcome toxins.

5. Peaches help promote good digestion.

Because of the fruit’s impressive fiber and alkaline content, it absorbs water and works to prevent certain stomach issues (including, but not limited to constipation, ulcers, hemorrhoids, and irregular bowel movements.) Furthermore, (as mentioned above) peaches eliminate toxic waste from the intestines. Meaning your body is cleaner and your chances of stomach cancer are decreased.

6. Peaches help inhibit tumor growth.

Because of their antioxidant and antimicrobial activity, peaches have been known to slow tumor growth activity. And because they are all-natural, peaches help kill the unhelpful cells without damaging the healthy cells.

7. Peaches help maintain healthy weight.

Because the fruit is good at making us feel full, it is useful to combat the harmful effects of overeating. Even better: peaches contain roughly 35 to 50 calories. Meaning they taste good, aid in suppressing the appetite, and aren’t costly on calories.

8. Peaches help maintain healthy blood sugar.

That’s right. Peaches have been known to lower blood sugar levels and help individuals with type 2 diabetes maintain healthy insulin levels. Good news? One peach provides an average of 2 grams of fiber. Have a sweet tooth? Reach for a peach!

9.Peaches help protect heart health.

Peaches reduce the risk of heart disease. Additionally, replacing sugary drinks with fresh peach juice is good for fighting risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.

10. Peaches help combat chronic inflammation.

Again, because the fruit is rich in vitamin C, it works to alleviate inflammation in the body – particularly beneficial for hypertensive, diabetic, or obese patients.

Berlin Peach Festival

Brain health … immunity … The truth is, we haven’t even scratched the surface of what the peach can do. Want to learn more? Attend the Berlin Peach Festival in August. Held at the Calvin B. Taylor Museum, this exciting event features pie baking (and more importantly pie eating), contests, crafts, music, vendors and games. Many delicious handcrafted items and food are available.

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Here at Gull Creek we hope your summer is … peachy!