5 Reasons to Retire Near The Beach

5 Reasons to Retire Near The Beach

If you love being near the ocean, you’re in good company. For many of us, nothing says “vacation” like heading for the beach. And recent research confirms what our grandmothers always knew — spending time at the seashore is good for our health.

For seniors who love the beach, retirement presents an attractive option: the opportunity to live near the ocean full-time. We think Maryland’s Eastern Shore offers some of the country’s most beautiful beaches. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you choose the Eastern Shore as your retirement destination.

  1. Less Stress

Researchers tell us that living seaside can reduce stress and improve our overall wellbeing. In one series of experiments, scientists found that for people going through stressful situations such as dental surgery, looking at a “virtual beach” may reduce pain. Imagine what a real beach can do for us!

And simply being near the ocean may give your mental health a boost as well. Chemicals abundant in the ocean atmosphere — including salt and other minerals — can help reduce stress and decrease depression, researchers say. The sound of waves also has been found to promote relaxation.

  1. Plenty of Fun Activities

One way that being near the beach improves our health is by promoting physical exercise. When you’re near the ocean, you simply want to move more, whether it’s taking a walk to watch the autumn sunset or going for a refreshing dip during the summer. If you like water sports — fishing, kayaking, sailing and others — the beach is certainly the place for you.

  1. Amazing Seafood

If you enjoy seafood, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better area than Maryland’s Eastern Shore to delight your tastebuds.  Maryland’s most recognized Chesapeake Bay resource is the famousblue crab, which can be served steamed, boiled, fried as softshells or in a classic Maryland crabcake. While not as well-known as the blue crab, locally harvested oysters, clams and finfish such as the striped bass are served in many Eastern Shore restaurants.

For foodies, the Eastern Shore offers plenty of dining choices for experiencing endless varieties of seafood along with local produce such as cantaloupe and corn.

  1. Fabulous Beach Towns

The Eastern Shore, which includes nine counties, also has several great towns to visit. In Easton, Rock Hall, Chesapeake City, Kent Island, Chestertown and others, you can enjoy exploring historic attractions, visiting natural areas, shopping, dining and more.

  1. The Stunning View

Scientists don’t know yet what “dose” of the beach is required to reduce our stress and provide other health benefits. But one thing is for sure: You can’t get too much. When you live near Maryland’s Eastern Shore, you’ll enjoy beautiful, relaxing scenery that connects you to nature year-round.

Gull Creek offers gracious senior living just minutes from Maryland’s beautiful beaches. To learn more about the benefits of retiring near the seaside — and to schedule your visit — please contact us anytime.